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Not Your Average
Content Creation Program

The only course you need to grow your business, wealth and create a magnetic social media presence.

Embodied: Living Your Dreams Now

To build a brand uniquely you, that you fell in love with and exploded your business - all while working with your dream clients and without having to sell yourself. Your feed was NOT one big sales pitch, but instead you attracted raving fans who were ready to buy. 

What if you woke up every single morning excited to create an impact...

Your why is like no other woman’s out there, and it has become my mission to help you get your message out there. 

To help you create a connection with your audience and allow them to see that you are the woman who can help them achieve their dreams. 

I want to share with you the secrets that have allowed people to connect with the hearts of your dream clients and beyond the screen. Showing up authentically so that you spend to less time obsessing about content so that you can have more personal freedom and fulfillment.

You have a WHY.

You are standing at the edge of your greatness, not knowing if you could fly or fall..


Don't rob yourself or the world of who you are as a coach.

I've been there too...

I had nearly maxed out every last piece of credit I had, with only $41.81 left. It hit me - enough was enough. I was done with living paycheck to paycheck, trying to make ends meet. I was done with being stressed from working for someone else’s dream. It was time I went all in on me and turned my own dreams into a reality. So I got to work, and I poured my energy into learning all about the power of content. 

It seems like everyone around you is celebrating another client, another sale, another student who found them on social - but HOW?

 In the past I had tried the quick fix, shiny object solutions where I would purchase lists of content prompts... 

So I did post after post, sharing inspirational posts, but never really connecting with my dream client. I made the decision to create my own content strategy. I learned all about sales processes and the way the mind works when it comes to selling. I began implementing that into my content strategy. If I was going to go big, it meant I was going to connect with my audience on a deeper level that allows them to see I've been where they are. To be real and raw, while also sharing the transformation I've experienced.

I mastered my content strategy and in no time at all it led to me having posts that attracted my dream clients. I mastered how to create content with intention and it led to me having my dream clients raising their hands and identifying who they were.

... but NOBODY ever told me what to do once the content was posted. How do I turn the content into an actual sale. 

you're in the right place.

So if you've been pulling out your hair frustrated that you haven't been able to create a connection online, or perhaps you're struggling to create content - then you're in the right place. 



This program is perfect for the woman who wants time freedom in her life and business, while still attracting soul-aligned clients. The woman who is done with bro-marketing strategies and wants to have fun creating her content, while showing up authentically. The woman who is ready to take immediate action so you can start getting results now while having support every step of the way.

the wealthy coach experience

Create content with intention and infuse your authentic self into your content so you can have more fun living your life and less time in front of a screen

Time Freedom

Not just inspiration, but strategy. Content is the gateway to creating the business you have always dreamed of. Actually make it happen without investing hours in programs only being talked at, with immediate implementation and co-working sessions.

A Plan To Execute

You have to show up consistently, but what happens when the creative juices stop flowing and you’re left staring at a blank screen wondering what to say? Learn the secret sauce to ensuring all that amazing content you are creating is being seen over and over again. 

Be Seen & Heard


How it works

How it works

Course breakdown:

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Become The Energetic Match

If you’ve been around Human Design for a while, you may have learned a lot about your chart but have no idea where to begin implementing all this new knowledge. In this first round of Embodied, we will focus on helping you attract more clients without having to be everywhere, by showing up in alignment with your personal Human Design strategy and authority. 

You will learn and implement:
- Human Design Foundations: Your Strategy & Authority
- How To Show Up In Alignment With Your Human Design Type
- Creating Strategically Aligned Content
- Where To Get Visible 
- Eliminate Overwhelm & Burnout By Honouring Your Human Design

be heard

Content Planning Strategy:

It’s time to have fun creating content without being a victim to the online grind and create your unique roadmap to getting visible and showing up authentically.

You will learn & implement:
- How To Be The CEO Of Your Business
- Offer Mapping & Utilizing The Work Back Method
- How To Create Endless Content Ideas In Alignment With Your Offer
- Build Your Unique Roadmap To Getting Visible & Showing Up

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Redefining Influencer:

Toss away anything and everything you’ve been told about content creation. This is not your average content course. Magnetize your audience without complicated manifestation rituals, and learn how to create content that reaches the heart of your dream client beyond a screen. 

You will learn & implement:
- Becoming Magnetic & Build Confidence With Your Online Presence
- Define Your Magic: Identify Brand Voice & Themes
- Unlock Your Prosperity Through Authority
- Connecting With Your Authentic Self

be heard

Living Your Legacy:

What are you going to make happen this year to ensure that you don’t walk into next year saying, “There was more of me to give”. I’m here to help you give it your all. Achieve time freedom now without bro-marketing strategies, by learning how to see content everywhere and living your dream life now.

You will learn & implement:
- Be Seen & Heard Above The Noise
- Making Content Fun Again
- Learn How To See Content Everywhere
- Infusing You Into Your Content
- Living Your Dream Life NOW

get seen

Digital storytelling is the heart and soul of your business. Create compelling content and beautiful visuals that help you build authority, attracting your dream clients to you.

Photos & Visuals:

You will learn & implement:
- Planning Your Own Photoshoot
- Reels Training
- Taking Beautiful Smartphone Images
- Post Content Your Are Proud Of
- Visuals Planning Workbook & Checklist

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The Path To Freedom:

Be seen and heard without cookie cutter, robotic content prompts by creating your personalized AI twin. You will learn how to repurpose content multiple ways so you can save time and do more of what you love.

You will learn & implement:
- The Power Of AI
- Create Your Personalized AI Twin
- Repurposing Your Content
- Be Seen Utilizing SEO & Language 
- Tech Tutorials, Organization & Scheduling To Save You Time 

teach me plz

Templates + Course Book

Take a step inside your very own transformational library of references, tools and more. The gold nuggets you will learn inside Embodied are freakin’ great, but here we give you the ability to execute and take massive action.

Inside of this library you will get:
- The Embodied Course Book to keep you on track 
- 90-Day Content Planning Workbook
- Content Calendar Launch Template
- Content Templates & Scheduling Support
And so much more…

- Victoria w.

What it's like to work with Make Life Your Bitch

(building the business of your dreams is just as important as the LIFE wins)

"From my first masterclass I attended, Brittany expressed the passion and energy that I was looking for in a coach. Along with her mad strategy skills, she’s exceeded all my expectations as my business coach. She believed in the dreams I had and supported me when I didn’t.

I was able to leave my 9-5 given the confidence and clarity I had in my business. Brittany’s guidance and support during that transition made my dreams possible! She’s helped me construct my offer stack, scale my prices and successfully hit the 10K month mark!"

"Brittany has been what I needed to move my business forward. The valuable tools she has provided in a few short months we have worked together has really helped move the needle forward in my business. I have gained the confidence in my coaching skills, and I have faced my limiting beliefs and pushed through them.

I have doubled my 1:1 and group program rates. I sold out my group program and I have signed my first international client. I am creating my own unique signature program. I have gained my confidence in my skills and abilities as a coach."

"Our content call helped me tremendously. You have opened my perspective to how and why it's important to have a signature system, and how easy it is to create content once that part of my business was established. After being stuck on how to have direction with my content, content has become so easy to write now."

"I knew nothing about how to find leads, how to network online, or even the right messaging to speak to my ideal client. 

Working with Brittany gave me all the tools I needed to not only reset my marketing strategy, but also perfect my signature system for my coaching, and open me up energetically to my soul led path."

- Abby N.

- Domina

- Velvette S.

This      for you if:

You are a rebellious female entrepreneur who is ready to show up unapologetically

You want a proven strategy that has you going from being invisible and unknown - to known

You are ready to own your power, magnetize your audience & convert your content into sales


You value your time & you are done with sitting in front of a blank screen trying to do it alone

You are ready to unleash your inner rebel, do things unique to who YOU are & HAVE FUN again.

You are ready to take immediate action so you can start getting results now

Embodied: The Human Design Experiment

What's Included:

Monthly - Live Masterclasses with Lifetime Access to Replays

Make Life Your Bitch Pod Vault (Lifetime Access)

Content Calendar Launch Template

Get More Clients Mini-Course (Available October 15, 2023)

Plus so much more!

Visibility Summit Full Access


Explode your biz for only:

Group Voxer Coaching (Text & Audio) Monday to Friday

Live Personalized Support

Lifetime Access To All Previously Recorded Calls

sound familiar?

You did exactly what they said to do. You didn't get the results you thought you would. And when it came time to ask questions, no one was around to help you out. 

The Program

10 Weeks - LIVE Weekly Calls: Content Creation Strategy & Done With You Implementation Sessions

Done With You AI Twin Creation & Trainings with Cathi Tarbox

Quarterly Content Planning Parties

90-Day Content Planning Workbook

Embodied Course Book

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All valued at over $15,000

Group AI Trainings & Repurposing Support with Expert Cathi Tarbox

Weekly Co-Working Sessions

Instant Access: Self-Portrait Training with Shikha Khanna

Instant Access: Canva Training with Domina Eventual

Wealthy Rebel Program & Roadmap To Wealth Workshop

I’m a Canadian made female entrepreneur, rebel business mentor, podcaster and abundance activator. I’m head over heels for pineapples, PSLs, and traveling the world. I am an unapologetically fierce, and ambitious millennial. 

Everything I do, I believe in challenging the status quo to help you break through your own glass ceiling to achieve a life of freedom and fulfillment. I design success focused programs specific to what you need to move the needle in your business. I just happen to be the coach for coaches. 

Like stories? i'm just like you!

I am committed to helping you as an online creator and female entrepreneur wherever you are in the world to turn your dreams into a reality, by transforming your messaging so that you can create a genuine connection with your audience and grow your income online.

My Promise