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Helping you create a business you both love and are proud of is what brings me joy and ignites the flame within me to be and do better everyday. It is my mission to help you create a business you are passionate about and that gets you out of bed everyday.

So here's the dealio - I've taken a lot of courses (like, ALOT) and I have identified the building blocks and foundations required to create and scale a profitable coaching biz. I made the mistakes, paid the big bucks (you're welcome) and built the strategies that I know work.. and now they're all yours.

I not only believe that greatness is a decision and your birthright, I know it is. But it all begins with a decision to go after your dreams. You have one life to live, and you deserve to be sitting on your porch at 80 (waiting to head to your karate class because you're still feeling young and super spunky) telling me all about what you achieved in life and more. 

Allow me to let you in on a little secret:

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Not your average coaching experience. Throw out everything you know about coaching: these are personalized, success focused programs that are designed for women like you who actually give a damn about your clients. 

I help women life you build a heart-centred brand online that influences and create a connection beyond a screen. I'm all about helping you bring your vision to life!

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You are standing at the edge of your greatness, not knowing if you could fly or fall..  if you never take the leap you will never allow yourself to see just how powerful you are. Your message matters, don't rob yourself or the world of who you are as a coach.

This mastermind is perfect for the woman who wants time freedom in her life and business, while still attracting soul-aligned clients. The woman who is done with bro-marketing strategies and wants to have fun creating her content, while showing up authentically. The woman who is ready to take immediate action so you can start getting results now while having support every step of the way.

Brittany's coaching and courses definitely LEVELLED UP the way my business took off!

Her coaching and courses have dramatically changed how fast I was able to scale my business. Within the first few months of working together I was able to hit past my financial goals with ease! I was able to leave my 9 to 5 given the confidence and clarity I had in my business. Brittany's guidance and support during that transition made my dreams possible! She's helped me construct my offer stack, scale my prices, and successfully hit the 10K month mark!


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Yes, It Really Works

"She has an ability to jumpstart your sleeping self with utmost care and a bit of tough love to make you reach the place you have always dreamt of."

I was sitting on my ideas and dreams, and did not know how to proceed. She has taken my problem and concerns starting from the mindset shift about coaching online, money, and online relationship building to another level. I highly recommend her for her coaching program and The Independent Boss Babe Academy. 


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"She believed in my mission enough and called me back to my truth so I could get back on track."

Brittany reminded me of my strength and my WHY. To be understood, appreciated and seen, has been game changing. If you have a mission and purpose, but need help finding your dream client and content - she's the master at it. 


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