We're going to go big here in order to grab some attention. 

Heck yes! I'm in!

Are You Ready To Turn Your Followers Into Buyers?

It's time to build a solid foundation for your business so you can truly have time freedom in your life and business!

Wealthy Rebel 10-Day Workshop

You may be someone who is just starting out and you are looking to do things the right way from the start as you launch your new program or offer…
Or maybe you have been at it a while. You know what you have to offer would completely change someone’s life, but you can’t seem to get the right eyes on your offer and attract the person who is ready to buy now. 

What if you made 2024 the year where you went all in on you. The year that you made the decision to take your business seriously and stop at nothing to make your dreams your reality.

What if you made 2024 the year where you went all in on you.

The year that you made the decision to take your business seriously and stop at nothing to make your dreams your reality.

The bottom line is:
You know what you are doing isn’t working. You want to sell out your launch and the idea of working a 9-5 for the rest of your life makes you want to throw up a little (or alot). 

The bottom line is: You know what you are doing isn’t working. You want to sell out your launch and the idea of working a 9-5 for the rest of your life makes you want to throw up a little (or alot). 

Let's call this for what it is... the reason you aren't getting the results you want is because you haven't built a solid foundation in your business. 

You're following the coaches who are hitting 6 and 7-figure months, when truly you have yet to have a clear roadmap so people can invest with you. 

Here's what you need.. a program, a lead gen tool (that is ACTUALLY valuable), an offer, a sales page, and content that has people hanging on your every word ready to invest.

If you only have pieces of the above... you have a gap in your sales process.



This program is perfect for the woman who wants to take the guesswork out of her launches. The woman who wants someone to walk with her as she launches. The woman who wants support every step of the way because she is tired of trying to figure it out on her own.

Wealthy rebel

Wealthy Rebel:
Your Experience

What's Included:

2 Weeks Continued Group Voxer Support

Instant Access: Self Protrait Training with Shikha Khanna



sound familiar?

You did exactly what they said to do. You didn't get the results you thought you would. And when it came time to ask questions, no one was around to help you out. 

The Program

LIVE 10-Day Workshop: Program to Launch Plan Complete!

Daily Group Voxer Coaching (Text & Audio)

Brand New: Wealthy Rebel Instant Access Program (Available October 15, 2023) 

Personalized 90-day Launch Plan

3 payments of $188

1 payment of $555

Explode your biz for only:

best value!

1 - Additional LIVE Group Q&A Call for Continued Support

Instant Access: Sales Copy Training with Sophie B.

All infused with Your unique Human Design type & Gene Keys

September Launch Includes LIVE LIFETIME Access

Meaning.. every time we launch live, you get to join us!

Sales Page & Offer Creation Support

Lead Magnet/Freebie Email Sequence Templates

This      for you if:

You are a rebellious female entrepreneur who is ready to show up unapologetically




You value your time & you are done with sitting in front of a blank screen trying to do it alone

You are ready to unleash your inner rebel, do things unique to who YOU are & HAVE FUN again.

You have no clue what type of business you want to launch.

It's probably        for you if...

You want to stay where you are at and let your past rejections guide you.


You want to stay Comfortable with settling and trying to survive

You Want to get rich quick without putting in any real effort or work

You penny-pinch and delay decisions while hopelessly chasing shiny ideas and quick fixes.

- Victoria w.

What it's like to work with Make Life Your Bitch

(building the business of your dreams is just as important as the LIFE wins)

"From my first masterclass I attended, Brittany expressed the passion and energy that I was looking for in a coach. Along with her mad strategy skills, she’s exceeded all my expectations as my business coach. She believed in the dreams I had and supported me when I didn’t.

I was able to leave my 9-5 given the confidence and clarity I had in my business. Brittany’s guidance and support during that transition made my dreams possible! She’s helped me construct my offer stack, scale my prices and successfully hit the 10K month mark!"

"Brittany has been what I needed to move my business forward. The valuable tools she has provided in a few short months we have worked together has really helped move the needle forward in my business. I have gained the confidence in my coaching skills, and I have faced my limiting beliefs and pushed through them.

I have doubled my 1:1 and group program rates. I sold out my group program and I have signed my first international client. I am creating my own unique signature program. I have gained my confidence in my skills and abilities as a coach."

"Our content call helped me tremendously. You have opened my perspective to how and why it's important to have a signature system, and how easy it is to create content once that part of my business was established. After being stuck on how to have direction with my content, content has become so easy to write now."

"I knew nothing about how to find leads, how to network online, or even the right messaging to speak to my ideal client. 

Working with Brittany gave me all the tools I needed to not only reset my marketing strategy, but also perfect my signature system for my coaching, and open me up energetically to my soul led path."

- Abby N.

- Domina

- Velvette S.

When Elizabeth first joined Make Life Your Bitch she was trying to do business the “cookie-cutter” way. She was helping women who struggled with binge eating, and was told that in order to be successful she had to share her personal shit with the world. This felt disgusting to her. She was moving from fear, she was in an unaligned niche and struggling to even want to show up. After working together Liz transformed her entire business into helping women release anxiety and find their inner calm through breathwork. She started her own podcast and get’s to do business her own way today.

- Shikha K.

Elizabeth H.

"She believed in my mission enough and called me back to my truth so I could get back on track.
Brittany reminded me of my strength and my WHY. To be understood, appreciated and seen, has been game changing. If you have a mission and purpose, but need help finding your dream client and content - she's the master at it."

When Shikha first joined Make Life Your Bitch she was trying to build a coaching business based around what everyone else was doing. During our time together, she launched the business of her dreams. She was able to transform her passion for self portraits and helping moms, into the project of her dreams (100 Self Portraits 100 Dreams). Today Shikha uses her love for self portraits to help women express their highest selves.

"She has an ability to jumpstart your sleeping self with utmost care and a bit of tough love to make you reach the place you have always dreamt of.
I was sitting on my ideas and dreams, and did not know how to proceed. She has taken my problem and concerns starting from the mindset shift about coaching online, money, and online relationship building to another level. I highly recommend her for her coaching program."

workshop breakdown:

This is your official welcome to the Wealthy Rebel Program and we are starting with a bang. We are hitting the ground running from day one, where you will reconnect with your authentic self. You will learn how to align with your own inner rebel, and unleash your personal power by connecting to your purpose.

day one we will cover:

  • Being the CEO of your business
  • Building your unique gene keys personalized blueprint
  • How to consistently align with your desires and become an energetic match to your dreams by utilizing your personal Human Design Type
  • How to show up and build excitement while selling your offer, without feeling salesy or sleazy so you can sell with confidence

Roadmap To Wealth

Day One

Create Your Unique Signature System

Day Two

Learn how to utilize the Wealthy Rebel unique system so you can create endless offers and programs. By the end of day two you will have created the foundation for your next launch by building your very own signature system and formula for success.

Day two we will cover:

  • Connect with your life purpose and validate your program utilizing your personal Gene Keys blueprint
  • The formula for turning a stranger into a sale
  • Develop your exclusive flagship program blueprint

It’s day three and time to build a product suite that creates repeat customers and consistent sales. You will create an irresistible offer and learn how to become an energetic match for selling authentically without feeling sleazy. By the end of day three you will have a completed sales process and page so your audience can buy now.

Day three we will cover:

  • Create your aligned buyer, identify where to find them and position yourself as the expert
  • Define your personalized roadmap to how you will bring clients into your world
  • Build your step by step journey for turning a stranger into a sale
  • Build your personal product suite, create your irresistible offer, and complete your sales page

Building Your Sales Process

Day Three

Lead Generation

Day Four

Creating endless freebies are not just for growing an email list you never use. By the end of day four you will have created a free resource that people actually want, and directly connects to your offer. You will have a completed email sequence created that walks your audience directly from being a stranger to your sales page.

Day four we will cover:

  • How to build your email list full of aligned buyers
  • Build your aligned and personal lead magnet or freebie
  • Complete your unique email sequence that walks your dream client directly to your offer

Yup, it’s officially day 5 and this means it’s time to create your “my way” plan for attracting ready to buy clients. By the end of day five you will have built your entire program and path to turning a stranger into a sale. You can celebrate because you have created your very own signature formula for success and the entire foundation for your next launch.

Day five we will cover:

  • Content Mapping: Build your complete 90-day launch plan so you know exactly what content to create every week, plus where to show up and how.
  • Clearly and confidently own your identity as an authority in your space
  • How to live your legacy and live a life of freedom now by utilizing the power of brand themes
  • How to create content and show up in alignment with your Human Design type

The Path To Freedom

Day Five

be part of celebrations like these!

Your Burning Questions Answered:

What is Wealthy Rebel ?

What is Wealthy Rebel?

This Wealthy Rebel Program is everything you need to build a solid foundation in your business. It's a 5-Day Done With You LIVE Workshop plus pre-recorded program. This means you and I walk the journey together as you navigate through building out your signature system, your offer, trust builders, sales page and launch plan... all without the to-do list overwhelm.

I'm worried because my launches always end up failing.

I'm worried because my launches always end up failing.

Yup, I know that feeling. I have been there too. But I never gave up. I invested in a lot of programs and coaches that promised big results, and at the end I felt like it put me even more behind. But that's why I created Wealthy Rebel. To ensure that you don't have to go at it alone anymore.

What if I'm not good with tech?

What if I'm not good with tech?

Good news! I have built all my own websites, podcast, programs, email automations... you name it. I have delegated these tasks as well, but it was very important for me to know how to do it myself. Because of this I have been able to help my clients navigate through a lot of tech issues on many different platforms. Typically with tech if a client is struggling, I will record a screen share and that way it helps others as well.

How much time do I need to make this work?

How much time do I need to make this work?

This is a 5-Day Workshop that is designed to be done with you, to ensure you have the time to implement and get things done immediately (without being talked at and having a bunch of homework... let's be real, no one has time for that.) I've created it this way so that you have a solid foundation to move the needle in your business ASAP  I have also pre-recording the program into bite sized videos so that you can rinse and repeat for all of your future launches as well. 

I've tried everything already, what makes this different?

I've tried everything already, what makes this different?

What makes Wealthy Rebel different from every other program out there is that it's not cookie cutter. It's more than me teaching you a generic strategy that leaves you trying to figure out how to make it work for you alone. You will have support every single step of the way, and because I have worked with so many coaches myself, I have a lot of different ways of helping you navigate making something your own. The Wealthy Rebel Workshop will have you walking away with a complete program, offer, sales process and launch plan for your next offer.

What if I don't have enough time to implement this?

What if I don't have enough time to implement this?

The entire workshop will be recorded for you to always go back to. The Wealthy Rebel pre-recorded program will be available for you to walk step-by-step through the process on your own. With lifetime access you will also be invited back to every single live workshop (the next one happening at the beginning of December 2023).

Why should I join Wealthy Rebel?

Why should I join Wealthy Rebel?

You don't need more coaching or programs teaching you another strategy. You need a program that will help you put all the pieces together and teach you the ones you are missing. This is for the woman who is tired of trying to figure it out on her own, and wants to make her next launch the best yet. You want to release the frustration, the overwhelm and let go of that heavy feeling on your chest of there being "so much to do". I want to help you fall back in love with your business and have A LOT of fun again.

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

This version of Wealthy Rebel is brand new and today you can join for $555 (or 3 payments of $188). This price will be increasing to $1,111.

 It’s okay, I get it. You’ve invested in a lot of coaches and programs, so investing again may seem a little scary. Let’s have a quick private chat so you can ask all your questions to make sure it’s a good fit.

Still not sure?


I’m a Canadian made female entrepreneur, rebel business mentor, podcaster and abundance activator. I’m head over heels for pineapples, PSLs, and traveling the world. I am an unapologetically fierce, and ambitious millennial. 

Everything I do, I believe in challenging the status quo to help you break through your own glass ceiling to achieve a life of freedom and fulfillment. I design success focused programs specific to what you need to move the needle in your business. I just happen to be the coach for coaches. 

Like stories? i'm just like you!

I am committed to helping you as an online creator and female entrepreneur wherever you are in the world to turn your dreams into a reality, by transforming your messaging so that you can create a genuine connection with your audience and grow your income online.

My Promise