We're going to go big here in order to grab some attention. 

Heck yes! I'm in!

Not Your Average Content Creation Course

Spoiler Alert: You can’t grow a biz without content. Your content is your storefront.

the content creation lab

 I want you to toss away anything and everything you’ve been told about content creation. This is not your average content course.I believe in creating content that reaches the heart of your dream clients beyond a screen. 

Content that has them saying, “that’s me!”

So you want a strategy to create genuine leads that convert right?

To build a brand uniquely you, that you fell in love with and exploded your business - all while working with your dream clients and without having to sell yourself. Your feed was NOT one big sales pitch, but instead you attracted raving fans who were ready to buy. 

Imagine creating a single piece of content and getting hundreds of potential leads pouring in. You scroll through and you are the one who gets to decide who you WANT to work with because there are so many options to choose from. You learned how to create targeted content that spoke directly to your audience and you learned what it meant to post intentionally. 

What if you woke up every single morning excited to create an impact...

What are you going to make happen this year to ensure that you don’t walk into next year saying,
“There was more of me to give”.
I’m here to help you give it your all.

Here's What You Need:


Without spending hours in front of a screen, you now have a real strategy on how to create a weeks worth of hard hitting content in as little as an hour. You will learn how to create content with intention that allows you to stop the scroll in the sea of online noise, and gain hundreds of leads that are your ideal customer. 


Are you convinced that the algorithm is screwing, or maybe you are frustrated from spending so much time creating content, with it lasting moments online before it becomes eaten up by the scroll. What if you learned the secret sauce to having your content being seen over and over again. The secret sauce on how to go from being invisible and unknown to known. 


You just want someone to tell you what works. Someone to teach you the step by step strategies on how to create a brand that stands out, how to own and monetize your story, while creating a genuine connection with your dream clients. 

To be an Independent Boss Babe online, you have to show up consistently. But what happens when the creative juices stop flowing and you're left staring at a blank screen wondering what the heck do I say? Chill babe. I got you.

the content creation lab


The Content Creation Lab is my secret sauce to creating lead generating content in my own biz - and I'm hooking you up with my exact (and ever growing) personal library of content creation tools - you get over a year of content.I provide you with the prompts, templates, structure and secrets on how to maximize your content game. 

I don't believe that likes and comments make business - it's not a popularity contest. However, you do need people to see you amidst the online noise so they have the opportunity to buy. I'm giving you the exact model that had me going from zero engagement to thousands of responses.

What's Inside The Course

While everyone's off spending countless hours and energy creating content online, you'll be rocking social media like an independent boss babe and focusing on what matters most. 

content mastery

Content Creation

Inside of Module One you will set up you calendar and begin creating purposeful content. We’ll share the tech tutorials to get you organized, so you can spend less time in front of a screen. You’ll learn our secret calendar flow and Module one will take the guesswork out of planning your content.

Course breakdown:

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
- The tech on how to set up your calendar using Trello or Asana - or just keep it old school with our PDF version
- How to plan your content so that each piece has purpose
- The psychology behind the different kinds of posts and how to best utilize them to optimize them to hit your sales targets
- Cut down time creating content so you can spend more time growing your biz
- The sales strategy behind setting up and customizing your own calendar 

be heard

Irresistible Post Formula

Inside of Module Two you will heat your content up using the art of storytelling. Maybe you are already creating powerful content, or maybe you have no clue where to start - but using our secret formula, you will be connecting with your audience and having them saying, “WOW! That’s me!” Module two will show you how to stop the scroll in the sea of online noise and create content that connects. 

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
- Our best kept secret blueprint on how to be seen and heard in the sea of online noise
- The art of storytelling 
- Create a post that really stops the scroll
- How to build confidence in your social media presence

get seen

Module Three is all about ensuring that amazing content you are creating is being seen! Yes, the algorithms are always changing - but I’ll take you behind the scenes of how to navigate around them so that your content is seen over and over again (without having to post every single day). I’ll show you the exact roadmap on when to post, how often to post and how to engage - including the secret to increasing engagement. 

Social Media Traffic Secrets

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
- The power of Facebook
- The secret to increasing engagement online
- Exact roadmap on what to post, when to post and how to engage
- Increase your reach online and consistently begin generating new leads

teach me plz

Templates + Course Book

Ready to take a step inside your very own transformational library of references, tools and more? The gold nuggets are great, but here we give you our exact strategies to help you execute and take massive action!

Inside of this library you will get:
- The Content Creation Lab Course Book to keep you on track
- 12 Done For You Content Calendars
- Our Signature Irresistible Post Blueprint
- The perfect connection formula to engaging within your posts
- Our exact SALES Roadmap to creating a month of content in as little as 30 minutes






The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

IT'S TIME TO OWN AND MONETIZE YOUR STORY BY creatING irresistible content that captivates your audience and speaks to the soul of your dream client beyond the screen 

Create Content with intention and plan a week of content in under an hour

Own Your Independent Boss Babe Identity (Buh-Bye Imposters Syndrome)


Less hustle on finding your dream clients, have them raising their hand for you AND SAYING "HELL YES" TO YOUR OFFERS

Have a clear plan and roadmap on how to create hard hitting content that converts into sales

Build a stand out brand that you are proud of while generating hundreds of leads

"Her courses helped me dramatically find the clarity that I was missing in being able to move the needle in my content and overall in my business."

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"It's had a huge impact on how I've implemented niching and content in my business - and it's simple to follow."

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My mission is to help all female entrepreneurs whether they are brand new or have been at it a while to see that their dreams are achievable and attainable. That's why when you are willing to take massive imperfect action - I'm here for you too!

How often do I post?

How do I get seen in the sea of online noise?

Should I share my post?

When is the best time to post?

How the heck does the whole algorithm stuff work anyway?


Should I use my personal page or business page?

Finally get the answers to all your burning questions:

So what's the cost for all this goodness?

When you enroll TODAY, you'll click open your membership link and get all these goodies so you can start:

In the perfect world we'd be hanging out, sipping Americanos, laptops out while I teach you all the secrets to creating hard hitting content for you to impact lives around the world - and this is why I made the decision to turn up the heat and offer you live support. And since I'm doing this virtually, I'm able to bring the price down - way down at a payment that works for you!

Are you ready to design content specific to who you are as a woman and a coach. 

Oh, and guess what! No matter which payment plan you pick, you get instant access inside The Content Creation Lab's foundational modules, group coaching, private access to myself and my team, templates and course book.

You can get started TODAY for:

The Content Creation Lab System & Trainings (value $1500)

Private 1:1 Success Coaching Call (value $750)

Templates & Course Book To Guide You Through The Program With Ease (value $500)

12 Done For You Calendars (value $1200)

The Independent Boss Babe Lounge Private Online Community (PRICELESS)

Whip out that calculator - That's A Total Value Of $3,950

One Payment 

a one-time payment of $111

Let's Do This

I'm All In!

select the plan that works for you:


The Content Creation Lab is a special offer and the price will be going up soon. 



 You don’t want to miss this incredible opportunity full of AMAZING bonuses!

 this is a roadmap with a plan on how to execute

We set you up with over year of content, giving you the exact strategies we personally use on how to take your audience on a journey from introduction to sale. This is not just a list of prompts, this is a roadmap with a plan on how to execute, so that you are set up for massive success. 

Content is the gateway to creating the business you have always dreamed of.

 We give you the secret sauce on how to get thousands of comments in one single post! 

You will get behind the scenes information on how to boost your content so that your audience keeps seeing it over and over again, meaning less time in front of a screen trying to figure out “what the heck do I say!?”

Are you struggling with the algorithms screwing you? Don’t worry babe, we got you.  How would it feel to have targeted content that allowed your audience to raise their hand and say they are your dream client (no more going out searching for them).

Pretty dang cool right?

We are NOT about vanity likes, but we ARE about creating targeted content. 

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style


Follow a proven roadmap

One Payment 

a one-time payment of $111

Let's Do This

I'm All In!

select the plan that works for you:

I’m a Canadian made female entrepreneur, rebel business mentor, podcaster and abundance activator. I’m head over heels for pineapples, PSLs, and traveling the world. I am an unapologetically fierce, and ambitious millennial. 

Everything I do, I believe in challenging the status quo to help you break through your own glass ceiling to achieve a life of freedom and fulfillment. I design success focused programs specific to what you need to move the needle in your business. I just happen to be the coach for coaches. 

Like stories? i'm just like you!

I am committed to helping you as an online creator and female entrepreneur wherever you are in the world to turn your dreams into a reality, by transforming your messaging so that you can create a genuine connection with your audience and grow your income online.

My Promise

I've been there too...

I had nearly maxed out every last piece of credit I had, with only $41.81 left. It hit me - enough was enough. I was done with living paycheck to paycheck, trying to make ends meet. I was done with being stressed from working for someone else’s dream. It was time I burned my boats and turned my own dreams into a reality. So I got to work, and I poured my energy into learning all about the power of content. 

It seems like everyone around you is celebrating another client, another sale, another student who found them on social - but HOW?

 In the past I had tried the quick fix, shiny object solutions where I would purchase lists of content prompts... 

So I did post after post, sharing inspirational posts, but never really connecting with my dream client. I made the decision to create my own content strategy. I learned all about sales processes and the way the mind works when it comes to selling. I began implementing that into my content strategy. If I was going to go big, it meant I was going to hit my audience with the emotional rollercoaster that helped them see that I too understand their frustrations and pain, I too felt that way at one point. 

I mastered my content strategy and it led to me having posts with thousands of comments, filled with my dream client. I mastered how to create content with intention and it led to me having my dream clients raising their hands and identifying who they were.

... but NOBODY ever told me what to do once the content was posted. How do I turn the content into an actual sale. 

you're in the right place.

This      for you if:

You want a proven strategy that has you going from being invisible and unknown - to known

You are looking to gain vanity likes, and not looking to grow a business

You want to create an impact and not only change, but also save lives with your message 

You want to get rich quick without putting in any effort or work

You’re ready to get to work and build a brand and biz you love

It's probably        for you if...

You penny-pinch and delay decisions, while hopelessly chasing shiny objects and quick fixes



One Payment 

a one-time payment of $111

Let's Do This

I'm All In!

select the plan that works for you:

be bold!

"Brittany has been just what I needed to move my business forward."

I have faced my limiting beliefs and pushed through them. I have been able to learn about creating powerful content that is targeted towards my dream client. I have learned why it is so important to get clear on who it is I want to serve.

sold out her group program

"Organic Marketing made ridiculously easy."

All the other calendars I've seen are boring, lazy and unoriginal This goes more in depth to the purpose of each post and mainly WHY we would post it. This is a way to effortlessly enjoy organic social media marketing without feeling like it's a part of the business you just have to do. 

all i thought was holy shit this is absolutely amazing!


Your why is like no other woman’s out there, and it has become my mission to help you get your message out there. 

To help you create a connection with your audience and allow them to see that you are the woman for the job. You are who they need in order to change their life.

I want to share with you my secrets that allowed me to speak into the hearts of my dream clients and beyond the screen. That has led to less time obsessing about content so that I could have more personal freedom and fulfillment.

You have a WHY.

but nowI know how to help!

You are standing at the edge of your greatness, not knowing if you could fly or fall..


Don't rob yourself or the world of who you are as a coach.

The Content Creation Lab System & Trainings

Private 1:1 Success Coaching Call

Templates & Course Book To Guide You Through The Program With Ease

12 Done For You Calendars

The Independent Boss Babe Lounge Private Online Community

Join The Content Creation Lab and get:

So if you've been pulling out your hair frustrated that you haven't been able to create a connection online, or perhaps you're struggling to create content - then you're in the right place. 

Showing up as your true authentic self

Being consistent 

Creating an impact

Rise up on your story and not live in it

Build a brand that you can fall in love with

Attract dream clients who are ready to buy now

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


One Payment 

a one-time payment of $111

Let's Do This

I'm All In!

select the plan that works for you:

Your content is your storefront - without a powerful content strategy you have nothing.

In this 45 Minute DEEP DIVE Coaching Call together we will begin with a Content Assessment and see where you are now, get a clear picture of where you want to be, and together we will create your very own Success Roadmap.

Are you ready to build a stand out brand and explode your biz?

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