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This is exactly what you have been searching for! The place where badass women come to connect, grow and scale!

You Are Limitless

It's time to ditch the bullshit term "realistic", and realize that other people's limits are NOT your own.
It's time to create your own reality.  

There's something inside, that tells you in your gut, that no matter what struggles, trials or tribulations come your way, you know you can get through anything together.

Even on the hard days when it feels as if everyone is doubting you or telling you to just call it quits, you know deep inside that your heart is telling you otherwise.

You get butterflies while you lay awake at night, planning your future - and you just know when you know...

You know that moment when you think you've found "the one"?

I’m all about helping you create a business you love. One where you wake up every day, bouncing out of bed with an “I get to” mentality. 

This isn’t about being a boss babe and breaking through “the” glass ceiling - it’s about stepping into your greatness, breaking through YOUR OWN glass ceiling and making life your bitch. 

This is the year that you level- up to infinite potential. 

You're thinking about your biz too, right?

Give yourself permission to dream big - to level up to your infinite potential?

work to blow your own mind

Are you ready to:

stay coachable


 To develop unshakeable beliefs that allow you to operate at a frequency and vibes so high that you become unstoppable!

Is that a heck yes!?

manage your own mind and thoughts

see yourself where you aren't yet and do something different to get there?

Goodbye bro-marketing. This is the solution that will allow you to be a rebel within your own business. The perfect combination of strategy and mindset we help you level-up doing it YOUR way.

This is your sisterhood of badass women that are going to push you beyond what you ever thought was possible. Greatness is a decision and your birthright, and it all starts with the decision to take massive imperfect action. I am the coach who will help you give your vision birth, even when nobody else can see it yet.

Making a decision and taking action towards your vision is the only way to move the needle.

So are you ready to try something new? Something to finally take your from where you aren't yet to where you want to be?

I am here to help!

i need this

Wealthy Rebel

What if you made 2024 the year where you went all in on you. The year that you made the decision to take your business seriously and stop at nothing to make your dreams your reality.

The Wealthy Rebel Program is all about you creating a solid foundation for your business. When you go through my process you will be building an audience of aligned buyers who can not wait to buy your next thing.

Yeah, I need clarity

Niche Domination

Okay girl, it's time to have a real talk. How amazing would it feel to wake up every day excited to connect with your clients not just because they're paying your bills, but because they have become borderline bestie material. Let's be honest, we've all have that one client that we mistakenly signed even though we knew better (you know the one), that made you want to claw your own ears off.. that may have even led us to question, "is this even for me"? You aren't alone!

When you gain clarity on your niche, it feels as if the stars have aligned and everything in the world begins to make sense. Your content connects, leads are flowing in, and your courses and programs fill because you're no longer yelling into an abandoned building. I bet turning you passion into real profit is starting to sound real good about now, huh?

Brittany's coaching and courses definitely LEVELLED UP the way my business took off!

Her coaching and courses have dramatically changed how fast I was able to scale my business. Within the first few months of working together I was able to hit past my financial goals with ease! I was able to leave my 9 to 5 given the confidence and clarity I had in my business. Brittany's guidance and support during that transition made my dreams possible! She's helped me construct my offer stack, scale my prices, and successfully hit the 10K month mark!


quit her 9-5

Yes, It Really Works

"She has an ability to jumpstart your sleeping self with utmost care and a bit of tough love to make you reach the place you have always dreamt of."

I was sitting on my ideas and dreams, and did not know how to proceed. She has taken my problem and concerns starting from the mindset shift about coaching online, money, and online relationship building to another level. I highly recommend her for her coaching program and The Independent Boss Babe Academy. 


launching her first program

"She believed in my mission enough and called me back to my truth so I could get back on track."

Brittany reminded me of my strength and my WHY. To be understood, appreciated and seen, has been game changing. If you have a mission and purpose, but need help finding your dream client and content - she's the master at it. 


found her dream clients